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How to choose a real estate agency in Turkey

How to choose a real estate agency in Turkey?

When choosing a real estate agency in any country, not only in Turkey, you need to pay attention to the following points:

How much of the deal or the whole deal will the agency handle?
– Will they help you with the search for real estate or just accompany the design of the object you found yourself? Will there be assistance with refurbishment/furnishing and other after-sales services if needed and will they charge for it? Will they help you find tenants or resale in the future?
– Does the agency only have intermediary experience in the real estate market and what kind of real estate: primary, secondary, residential, commercial? Do you have experience in developing your own development projects?
– Will one manager accompany you at all stages or will they constantly change?

Another important criterion is certainly the history of the company: the period of its existence in the market, reputation and brand recognition in wide circles. The experience of recent transactions, their success and the quality of customer service.
Despite the fact that many agreements in Turkey are still made in words, on trust, it is highly desirable to write down all the nuances in the Agreement with the agency. This will keep your restful sleep and protect you from conflict situations in the future.
Of course, at all stages, you should be comfortable interacting with the agency and its employees. Any additional questions should not cause inconvenience or stress, because the purchase of real estate is an important step in the life of every person, whether it is the first purchase for oneself or for investment purposes.

If all the criteria above matched together, then you are in the safe hands of the professional team of Irlanya Homes, and your transaction is doomed to success! Our clients stay with us for life and we are glad to see each of you as your children grow up, achieve success and surpass themselves!