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Tapu (Title deed)

Tapu (Title deed)

The document confirming the ownership of property in Turkey is called a Tapu.
This certificate is issued by the Cadastral Office of the city. The proof of ownership of real estate by an individual or legal entity is entered into the register book.

Pink tapu is issued for real estate, which is a residential, commercial object or other type of construction.

The Tapu contains the following information:

  • Address and number of the plot of land on which the real estate is located
  • Owner’s photo
  • Owner information
  • Date of purchase by owner
  • Information on the registration of a land plot in the Cadastral Office
  • Type of real estate (land plot, building, etc.)
  • Real estate status (separate object, part of the object, share use)
  • Serial number and registration data TAPU
  • land area (proportional to the size of the acquired housing)
  • Value of the purchased property
  • The signature of the authorized person and the seal of the cadastral department, etc.

Items to pay attention to:
A Blue tapu is issued for immovable property representing land, fields, gardens and other undeveloped areas.

When buying an apartment or villa in Turkey, in order to draw up documents for obtaining a certificate of ownership of real estate (in Turkey, this document is called TAPU), the buyer only needs to have a foreign passport. the passport. All other documents are processed locally in Turkey.