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Luxury and modern residential complex project in Kargicak

Alanya / Kargicak


Description of Location and Important Nearby Points in the Region;

Based on walking distance, it is 8 minutes away from the sea, in the same way as the ring road, 4 minutes away from the nearest market, and the closest school is 5 minutes away.
minutes away. It is 15 minutes to the airport, 20 minutes to the city center, and 15 minutes to the nearest hospital.

Land area of 6500 m2

Number of Blocks 3

Number of Block Floors 5

Total Number of Housing 66

Housing Types (1+1, 2+1, 3+1 etc.) 1+1 2+1

2+1 Garden duplex 2+1 Roof duplex


3+1 Garden duplex 3+1 Roof duplex

4+1 Garden Duplex 4+1 Roof Duplex

General m2 Ranges According to Flat Types (Project-wide):

1+1: 61 and 63
2+1: 110 m2 and 142 m2
2+1 Garden duplex 128 m2 and 140 m2
2+1 Roof duplex 128 m2 and 130 m2
3+1 142 m2
3+1 Garden duplex 152 m2 and 222.5 m2
3+1 Roof duplex 214 m2 and 260 m2
4+1 garden duplex 320 m2
4+1 roof duplex 300 m2
The gardens of the garden duplexes vary between 100 m2 and 350 m2.

1. Use of environmentally friendly Class A products in building materials and electrical products.

2. Gardens designed with a rich landscape and many kinds of plants and flowers.

3. Shock heater pre-assembly will be made for each flat. Closed system resistive enamel tank (pressurized) solar heaters will be placed.

4. 24 Hours camera security. The 24/7-night vision camera system will be built in a form and amount that will not leave any blind spots throughout the site. Enough recorders will be placed in the capacity clock box and record all the cameras.

5. Hybrid grass will be used for mowing

6. Faucets and electrical outlets will be placed on large balconies

7. Generator capacity with the capacity to meet the energy of at least half of the flats and the common area will be installed.

8. Exterior walls and walls between apartments (Independent units separating walls) will be as follows: Project with 19 lbs. pumice concrete (cwbims) and interior walls will be 10 lbs. or 13.5 lbs. plastered and painted bricks. Interiors will be painted with Filli Boya (brand) semi-gloss plastic paint.

9. Except for the balcony ceilings, all ceilings (indoor social area, interior of the flat, floor corridors) will be plasterboard and a suspended ceiling with spot or light band will be applied according to the architectural design in the living room, living room and all rooms.

Delivery Date 31.12.2022

Social Activities (Open and Closed) Indoor social areas:

Indoor pool, massage rooms, sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, fitness center, restaurant, indoor pocket cinema, indoor playground, meeting room, Outdoor social areas: 250 m2 swimming pool, outdoor playground, outdoor sports area

Standard Materials in the Apartments (For example; coat hanger – built-in set which and brand – air conditioner / air conditioner infrastructure, etc.) Coat rack, built-in set in all apartments, water system underfloor heating system in all duplex apartments (heat pump is not included in the price).