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What is Iskan for real estate in Turkey and what types of it exist?

What is ``Iskan`` for real estate in Turkey and what types of it exist?

Iskan is a technical passport for an apartment or a building in Turkey, as well as an official permission to put an object into operation.

There are two types of technical passports for real estate in Turkey – Genel Iskan
(Genel Iskan) and Ferdi Iskan.

The first is received by the developer for the whole house upon commissioning. This document confirms that all construction standards have been met and the building can be connected to engineering networks, respectively, the object is ready for living.
To obtain it, the construction company submits a number of documents to the mayor’s office (belediye), and after verification, each authority puts its signatures and seals on the general iskan.

Is it possible to buy property in Turkey without iskan? This question very often worries Turkish real estate investors.

The most common problems that may arise when buying a property without iskan:
• if you want to use mortgage lending for a property without iskan, then the bank may refuse to grant a loan for real estate without iskan, this is a risk for the bank.
• for apartments without iskan (without iskan for an apartment) it is possible to issue water and electricity subscribers, but these subscribers will not have the status of subscribers for residential real estate (mesken), but subscribers with the status of construction (şantiye). This means that utility bills will be one and a half to two times higher.
• There are various reasons why construction companies have not received an iskan, and if some building standards are not met, then this must be corrected, which leads to additional financial costs for the owners.

The second type of iskan – Ferdi Iskan – is an individual technical passport for an apartment (yapı kulanma izni), which the owner receives after purchase. The document contains technical information about the apartment and about the entire building as a whole (area, number of floors, availability of utility rooms, etc.).
Ferdi iskan is issued after the receipt of the tapu by the new owner of the apartment. The cost of iskan registration for an apartment depends on the area of ​​the apartment.

Important! Ferdy Iskan can only be obtained if you have a Genel Iskan.

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