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MB Verde the project modernity and nature meet



Don’t look for your dream paradise far away…

Imagine a citrus orchard. Every spring when lemon and orange flowers bloom; A garden of paradise where enchanting and peaceful scents spread into the air. How would you like to have a happy home in a vast citrus orchard where the blue of the sky and the sea and the green of nature blend together, allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city?

The new project MB Verde Houses aims to create an elite living space consisting of 12 blocks in harmony with the landscape of a large citrus orchard of 43 thousand square meters. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city; bringing together the pleasant possibilities of modern living spaces with the peace and tranquility that comes from nature; You will find the comfort you deserve in MB Verde Houses, which brings comfort to you with its quality social facilities and offers all these with the peace of feeling safe.

MB Verde Houses offers you the paradise of your dreams with its spacious and comfortable apartments where you can sit in the magnificent landscape formed by the citrus gardens integrated with the nature of Mersin, rows of palm trees, oleander flowers and the shadow of the great plane tree.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city…

Our project, which is located in Mersin’s favorite district of Mezitli, is only 15 minutes away from the city center. Thus, you can easily access the city’s facilities whenever you want, and you can escape from the chaos and escape to your peaceful paradise whenever you feel overwhelmed.


The dream of a calm, peaceful and enjoyable life…

It is said that the smell emanating from the citrus trees gives peace to people. Especially in spring, when lemons and oranges bloom, the environment is truly peaceful. You can realize the peaceful and calm life you dream of here.


In 43 thousand square meters of land…

How much green space per capita in Turkey, have you ever wondered? We don’t just promise you more, we make it happen. We have reserved such a large area for you and your loved ones on the magnificent earth illuminated by the Mediterranean sun that you will not feel the discomfort caused by the crowd here.


An elite project consisting of 12 blocks…

Nature meets contemporary life here. Green cover on one side, modern amenities on the other. A unique life from both sources is offered to you in Mezitli, one of the favorite districts of Mersin, combined with quality residences.


Social Areas;

Lobby, Social Area Wireless Internet, Security Controlled Password Entry, Encrypted Block Entrances Photocell Door, 8 Person Elevator, Comfort Series Glasses, Decorated Floor Halls, Full Capacity Generator in All Apartments, Garden Drip Irrigation System, Qualified Environment and Street Lighting, Qualified Landscape Applications, Backup Water Tank, Wide Angle and Night Vision Security Cameras in and around the Site, Waste Recovery System, Green Walls, Open – Closed Parking Lot, Horizontal Architecture, Low-Rise Blocks, Ground Floors with Garden-Terrace, Renewable Energy in Common Areas, Nature Compatible Children’s Playground, Indoor Children’s Playground, Pet Park, Orchards, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Poolside Social Facility, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Mini Golf Field, Garden Seating Areas, Outdoor Chess, Playground, Bicycle and Walkways, Open Air Cinema Cinema and Digital Arcade