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Modern construction project in Başakşehir



Now life is neither in Europe nor in Asia. That life you missed so much is now in our new project. Başakşehir’s new and modern project brings together the peaceful calmness of the Anatolian Side and the endless energy of the European Side for you. A new life where you will live to the fullest with all the privileges of Başakşehir, the new center of Istanbul, together with the neighborhood culture you are longing for, is now very close to you with our Project…

Our project; Kanal Istanbul is very close to the Northern Marmara Motorway connections and Istanbul Airport. If you want to travel without a car, it is within walking distance of the metro station. Our project will add great value to both your life and your investment with its unique location and wide transportation options…

With its horizontal architectural concept, our project offers you the opportunity to gaze at the stars to the fullest and enjoy the sky with your loved ones as much as you wish. You will always be very close to green areas, no matter which 80% landscape area and 4-8-10 storey buildings you prefer. The neighborhood life that you miss so much with its wide square meter options, architectural aesthetics and warm neighborhood relations is now waiting for you in our project.

With its special location, our project gives you and your loved ones the chance to do whatever you want, wherever you want, in the most comfortable way. You had to go to the hospital… Europe’s largest city hospital is right in front of you. Looking for a green area to spend a pleasant time with your family or loved ones… Europe’s largest botanical park Başakşehir is just walking distance to Eurasia. Let’s say you want to go shopping… Our stores in the site and many shopping malls in Başakşehir are already ready to welcome you.