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Apartments for sale in Duzce on a beautiful large size complex with shops and amenities



The complex accommodates several residential blocks, commercial shops, social amenities, and greeneries brought together on a 22.000 m2 project site.

This mixed-use development is characterized by large greeneries merged with blue, residential blocks, and commercial services bound together in a well-curated micro-structure of a larger urban entity. The complex encompasses several blocks that house variously sized 457 apartments and fancy shops developed on a 22.000 m2 project site that coexists with nature visually accessed by large terraces and balconies.

The plethora of blocks are connected with multi-purpose pedestrian walkways that can also be used as bicycles and jogging routes. A green life fosters between the reinforced concrete structures, which paints the complex green. The large-scale project is compact in itself that encourages frequent encounters with the neighbors. At the same time, the lounge areas motivate the residents to socialize and possibly construct a neighborhood spirit in the well-defined frame between the development and the surroundings.

More, the project merges two different strata, upper and lower. The former houses the previously mentioned apartments and shops. The lower layer offers a high-quality social life with swimming pools, a fitness center, a pilates room, children’s playgrounds, a pool-side bar, and more. These two layers get visually connected at certain points.

The apartment types include 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 apartments and garden duplexes, measuring 133 and 304 m2. The apartments are clad in modern features from top-to-toe and offer living spaces with clean and smooth finishes. Depending on the layout, the kitchens are either separate or open. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow an abundance of natural light to enter the interior space, while wood accent walls, a neutral color scheme, and the use of organic features enhance the apartment’s visual and texture scheme, ensuring a peaceful and soothing ambiance.